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Bi-directionally controlled thyristors (BCT)

Bi-directionally controlled thyristors (BCT)

Thyristors are typically used as phase-controlled current valves for AC to DC conversion and vice versa, operating at low frequencies (most often around AC line frequency). In the conducting state, thyristors feature very low losses, making them attractive devices to efficiently control very high currents and energies.

All ABB Thyristors are press-pack devices. They are pressed with a relatively high force onto heat-sinks which also serve as electrical contacts to the thyristor terminals.

Part NumberVRM (V)ITAVM (A)ITSM (kA)Package* (mm)
5STB 24N28002800243043150/100
5STB 24Q28002800263043150/100
5STB 18N42004200192032150/100
5STB 17N52005200180029150/100
5STB 25U52005200198042172/110
5STB 13N65006500140522150/100
5STB 18U65006500158029.7172/110